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About NMC

The Net Music Countdown with David Lawrence, airing on radio stations
around the United States, tracking the sales and airplay of music online
and counting down the Top 20 most popular artists weekly, releases their
latest eChart rankings of music available on the Internet. Produced in
three of the six formats for terrestrial broadcast radio affiliates...

  • Alternative Rock [Alt Rock]
  • Pop/Top 40 [CHR/Pop]
  • Hot Adult Contemporary [Hot AC]

    ...all the charts are released every Friday evening, concurrent with the
    show's debut on affiliate stations. The 2-hour show is syndicated on a
    barter basis to radio stations by United Stations Radio Networks, and is
    produced and presented on the Web in RealAudio G2, WindowsMedia and
    streaming MP3 formats. NMC's parent company, Online Today, Inc, provide
    the eTracks and editorial content to R&R, the industry's newspaper of
    record, on an industry publication-exclusive basis.
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