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Billy Corgan
My real name is William Patrick Corgan, and I was born at Columbus Hospital (just across from beautiful Lincoln Park which straddles Lake Michigan) in Chicago at 5:41 pm on March 17, 1967...most know me as Billy Corgan, but "he" didn't arrive until age 18...my father was Billy, and I was known to the family as "little" Bill...

I am the architect of the "Billy Corgan" that you know and love, or hate, or don't give 2 cares about...I created him, and at times have loved him, feared him, and despised him more than you could possibly dream up...it is the author of this being that wants to tell you this story...depending on how you look at it, it is the brutal truth or a sad sob story...a tale of glory and failure or the fictional scrapings of a madman and has-been...the author is ok with however you take it, because it happened TO ME...the closets are thrown open, and the sweet mist of a life blown by come spilling out...there are dead bodies and old pictures and pornographic gasps and ghosts so shy they are the ghosts of ghosts...but all the voices are here, and they want to talk to you...in fact, there is a fight as to who goes first!

But it's all the same, cause in my mind all is happening at all times...backwards and forwards, we can survey what has happened and what is yet to come, and have a laugh and a cry...but in the end, it is my wish that there will be no more secrets worth keeping, and no more fear worth running from...all that should remain is the clear heart and a vibrant joy, and of course, music...

(excerpt of Confessions)

--- from the official Billy Corgan website

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