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Eve 6
Max Collins - Vocals, Bass
Jon Siebels - Guitar, Vocals
Tony Fagenson - Drums, Vocals

It doesn't take an astrologer to notice that there is the sharpness and a vital energy of Eve 6. The Los Angeles trio write powerful, hook-filled songs, guided by the smart lyrics of Max Collins and fueled by youthful exuberance. Little wonder that Eve 6 formed and was signed when they were still in high school. After being given some time for self-directed development, they scored a platinum debut album in 1998 and a huge Modern Rock hits with "Inside Out" and "Leech."

The group's second record for RCA Records, Horrorscope, is a punchy collection of concise melodies and a powerful roar. Produced by Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Lit)-who also did the band's debut-Horrorscope is the sound of a band playing to its strengths, but also opening up their sound; one example of which is Max's decision to hand over bass duties to a tour musician so he can be more active on stage. With different textures and approaches to melodic pop-punk, Horrorscope charts the trio's growth and progression. But they haven't lost their sense of fun-the band's video game addiction (and "Soul Calibur" for Dreamcast in particular) led them to ask Randy Green (who designed the legendary Lara Crofft) to design a comic book-style cover which comes to life in the video for "Promise," the record's first single. Eve 6 is a band that understands how to be serious without taking themselves too seriously.
-from the official Eve 6 website

--- from the official Eve 6 website

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Eve 6
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