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Hard-Fi are the product of their environment; the sound of the suburbs (Staines, west London to be precise -- home to all four band members). Like The Streets had he chosen guitars, Dexys and The Clash over samplers and Dre; It's the sound of a band raised on The Stones, Lee Perry, Curtis Mayfield and Happy Mondays. The perfect soundtrack to the night out that starts in box-fresh Adidas on Thursday, struts and staggers through the weekend and somehow ends up in a bloody mess just off the M4 on Tuesday morning.

Recorded at Hard-Fi's studio 'Cherry Lips' (a former 24-hour cab office in Staines, named after the particular shade of red the walls are painted that make it look like an old queen's boudoir) and produced by Wolsey White ("The Phil Spector of lo-fi" Kerrang) and the band themselves, 'Stars Of CCTV' is Hard-Fi's debut offering, featuring the singles 'Cash Machine', 'Tied Up Too Tight' and 'Hard To Beat.'

--- from the official Hard-Fi website

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Stars of CCTV

Fri, May 25th
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