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Marc Antoine
Born on May 28th, 1963, Marc Antoine was gifted a song in his heart and music in his soul. At 2 yrs. old he was twirling to Stravinsky's "Rites of Spring", by 4, he had discovered how to sing melodies and was never without a song. His family still remarks that he learned to dance before he learned to walk. Being the first musician in the family, Marc's gift took his accountant mother, Carol and his athlete father, Jean-Pierre by surprise.

An older neighborhood friend used to play a single song on a guitar– Marc fell in love with the sound. What beautiful music! He knew he had to have one. Growing up in a middle class household with no extra income to spare, Marc's mother quickly said no to the 180 francs he needed for the instrument. Being the level-minded accountant, she insisted he earn the money if he wanted the guitar. He entered a scooter competition and won the needed funds to buy his first guitar.

Wasting no time, Marc ran back to his friend's house and demanded to be shown the 3 or 4 chords his friend knew. By the time the afternoon was over, Marc played them better than his friend. There was no turning back. He was a boy obsessed with being able to make music. He played non-stop. His father started to notice and believed Marc had some God given talent. To encourage his son, he bought recordings of many of the great musicians: Keith Jarrett, classical guitarist John Williams, and jazz guitarist Joe Pass.

Along with his love for music, was his love for swimming. Being the son of an accomplished boxer and athlete, Marc's passion grew. He started winning swimming competitions and there was talk about Olympic potential. Between the ages of 14-16 he placed in the finals of the French junior championships and the European finals.

But at 16, he also won a scholarship to the Paris Conservatory of Music. This turned out to be Marc's first test of his desire and commitment to the music in his soul. It became evident he would have to choose between swimming and music. To do both was pulling him apart. Both needed his full attention and time. His father offered him the way out. After pointing out how fortunate he was to have two talents to choose from, he reasoned that his physical abilities to swim, no matter how long he practiced would eventually wear thin. It is a fact of life, explained his father, but music, the kind you find in your soul, lasts a lifetime.

Marc knew in that instant there was no contest - and really there never was.

The next few years were spent in the earnest pursuit of learning and composing at the Paris Conservatory, living with his aunt and jamming late into the night in the Paris clubs.

Around the age of 19, Marc was home vacationing with his mother. Early one morning the family dog jumped up to greet him good morning. All of a sudden he lost his footing and fell backwards into a plate glass door. The shattered glass severed nerves and tendons as it cut his left wrist to the bone. After a 5 hour operation, the doctors told him he would never be able to play the guitar again. His life was shattered. Everything he had ever dreamed of was gone. After 6 months of healing, the muscles in his hand had attrophied so much that he could barely move it. He sank into a deep depression. Lost and dispassionate, he struggled for the way out. But something deep inside his soul would not let go. The music never ceased. Keeping up a constant strain since he was a young boy, he realized he would not let this be his fate. He was determined. Play music or die. It was that simple. He worked hard for an entire year and could only play an A minor chord. But that was enough to give him the encouragement he needed to prove the doctors wrong. With the help of family and friends he overcame the insurmountable odds and at 22 was back on the scene.

--- from the official Marc Antoine website

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