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Phantom Planet

Alexander Greenwald: Vocals
Sam Farrar: Bass
Jacques Brautbar: Guitar
Darren Robinson: Guitar
Jeff Conrad: Drums


Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Mogwai, Longwave)
Also a teacher at the local university.

Recording Details:
Recorded in 6 weeks in 2003, having just come off a grueling 18 month tour.

Sounds Like:
A fight between My Bloody Valentine, Fugazi, Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Wire, Gang Of Four, Guided By Voices, The Who, The Cure, The Replacements, The Jam, A Certain Ratio, Bad Brains, A.R.E. Weapons, Blur, Chik Chik Chik, The Flaming Lips, The Clash, Television, The Specials, The English Beat, Early U2, Sean Paul, Magnetic Fields, Led Zeppelin, and whoever your favorite band is.

Album Title:
Phantom Planet

Memorable Recording Moments:
[Singer] Alexander gets attacked by a fierce pack of wild dogs, fights back with two stones he's nicknamed "Stun" and "Kill." Hunters mistake the band for wild game. Shots are fired. No casualties. From that moment on no one leaves the house without wearing "Safety Orange." Band learns how to cook for one another. Many times over band destroys kitchen, hunger ensues. Cabin fever kicks in after 2 weeks. Band goes mad. [Guitarist] Darren names himself "Egyptian Princess." [Bassist] Sam nearly kills a Piano Tuner who has arrived early one morning, mistaking him for a burglar. [Guitarist] Jacques threatens he'll go back to USC Music School.

1st Single:
Big Brat

The Story So Far:
The Phantom Planet record was recorded in Fredonia, New York (an Amish town) in an Amish built log cabin deep within the middle of the woods. It was the perfect place for the band to escape their wild lives in Los Angeles and focus on making an album without any distractions. It was in this cabin, that Phantom Planet paired up with Grammy award winning producer Dave Fridmann to create their best record to date.

When the recording was finished, the boys quickly flew back to Los Angeles to meet with Director Spike Jonze to talk about shooting a music video for "Big Brat." Alexander had wanted to make a Zombie movie for some time, and the idea perked Mr. Jonze's interest. Mr. Jonze conceived the idea of filming a documentary of Phantom Planet making their own HOME ZOMBIE MOVIE. Everyone loved the idea. Within the day, a crack team of specialists was hired for the job. Director Johannes Gamble of the AV Club (Pete Yorn, Audioslave, The Strokes) was enlisted to Co-Direct with Spike. Famous make up artist Tony Gardner (Thriller, The Blob, Darkman, Three Kings) was also hired for visual effects. Less than a week later, the video was finished. It is Phantom Planet's best.

Toured with:
Elvis Costello and The Attractions, Guided By Voices, Travis, Pete Yorn, The Vines, BRMC, The Donnas, Incubus, Rilo Kiley, American Hi Fi, Maroon 5, and Ben Lee

Memorable Quotes:
"I've been enjoying Phantom Planet recently."
Bruce Springsteen (Somerville, MA February 19, 2003)

"I put them on in the morning when I wake up."
Elvis Costello

"Ok. You guys hear this? Now this is a REAL band."
Max Weinberg to his band on Conan O'Brien

"I'd be caught dead listening to it."
Alexander Greenwald

--- from the official Phantom Planet website

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Available Albums

Phantom Planet
Phantom Planet

Thu, May 24th
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