NASHVILLE, TN Friday Apr.7.2006 / -- Keith Anderson tells us his new single, "Every Time I Hear Your Name," is very autobiographical, about the first time a lover broke his heart big time.

"It was pretty rough, I was 24, 25 at the time and most of the time you're about 16, 17, 18 when you get your heart broke for the first time, but when you're 25 you think you have a pretty good handle on things and all of the sudden, wham!"

Keith says the relationship split because their two careers were headed in different directions. "I was headed to Nashville to be a country singer, and she was moving off to L. A. to be a famous movie actress and model, and I thought we should try to make it last and do that long distance thing and she didn't. She got her way," he says a bit sadly still.

Question is, did she become famous? "Yes, she did, she became well known, on the covers of Maxim and a lot of stuff, she's done well."

What's her name? "Oh, I'm not saying who it is," said Keith resisting our coaxing to give up who she is.

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