HOUSTON, TX Wednesday Jul.12.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J's relationship got off to a rocky start in 1999 when they were filming "Any Given Sunday."

The pair even fought on the movie's set, and the local police had to be called.

But Jamie and LL have resolved their differences and chosen friendship over feuding, reports MTV.com. In fact, the two have been performing together at various concerts this year, and Jamie even made a guest appearance on LL's last album "Todd Smith."

So what made the former foes become friends?

Jamie says the two just grew up.

"When you're grown, you don't really have time for all that [beefing]," Foxx told MTV.com.

Watch for more collaborations between LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx in the future. The two have a new song coming out soon called "All This Love," and there may be a "Panther" superhero movie in the future.

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