NASHVILLE, TN Friday Aug.18.2006 / -- Sugarland's first ride up and down the album and country singles charts turned them into stars. Now, November 7th, Sugarland will release Enjoy The Ride, the follow up album to their debut Twice The Speed Of Life.

Lead members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush wrote or co-wrote all 11 tracks. Enjoy The Ride is produced by Byron Gallimore, Bush and Nettles. "I am so excited about this album and can't wait to get it to the fans," said Nettles. "It has the fun, sass and positivity that everyone expects from Sugarland with a few pleasant emotional surprises. It is the next level for us and a true musical evolution."
Explaining the inspiration for the album title, Nettles continued, "We named the record Enjoy the Ride as an invitation, a reminder and a challenge: an invitation to our fans to sit back and enjoy the ride of this record, a reminder to ourselves and our fans to enjoy the ride of life and as a challenge to ourselves to enjoy this wonderful ride of a career that we've been blessed with."

BON JOVI told Larry King Live last night that JENNIFER NETTLES "hit it out of the park" when she recorded with him. King asked Bon Jovi how he chose Jennifer to be his duet partner on "Who Says You Can't Go Home."
He said, "With this one (song), when Richie (Sambora) and I wrote it, we thought it would be a great idea if we could get on country radio but knew that the format was closed to a rock band, so we sought out the help of a country artist.
And our record company suggested a brand new one, and I said I'd like to have her fulfill three requirements; I have to like her voice. I have to like the songs that are on her forthcoming record. And then I have to believe that she delivers our lyric. Jennifer Nettles from a brand new band called Sugarland, knocked the ball out of the park," he said.

When King asked if the success at country radio surprised him Bon Jovi said, "Not really, to be honest with you, because I really do believe that a lot of the young country artists of this generation grew up probably closer to my music than they did to Patsy Cline and to Woody Guthrie and, you know, the originators of what was country."
Bon Jovi went on to say that he enjoyed the country format "Very Much," and added, "I think in all honesty my next record will be greatly influenced by the Nashville scene."

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