LOS ANGELES, CA Tuesday Oct.17.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Monica had to give up her journals in the name of her latest release, "Makings Of Me."

The R&B singer expressed her discomfort in having studio producers privy to her deepest thoughts, saying, "That was kind of private to hand over. It was going into the hands of about seven or eight people. It was difficult to do something like that the first time around."

One track was taken straight from the pages of the diary. Jermaine Dupri became inspired after he read a particular passage. Monica wrote,"'Was it something I did wrong?' She said, "When Jermaine heard me say that, he wondered why the guy would pick the other woman, who doesn't look better nor has anything going for her. That's when he came up with the next song, WHY HER."

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