LOS ANGELES, CA Thursday Oct.26.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- MTV recently posed a burning question to some of our most beloved musicians: Eyeliner for dudes -- a do or a don't?

Anthony Kiedis gave his opinion on the subject, saying, "I actually dabbled with it in the much earlier '80s. I don't have any problem with eyeliner, but it's nice to have something to back it up with. Panic! at the Disco I've only ever seen in photographs, and they look like they travel with a large number of stylists. They look like they brought their girlfriends and their other friends and everyone had a dress-up party."

Brandon Flowers of The Killers blamed his penchant for eye makeup on family, saying, "It gives me a gypsy [feel]. I have four sisters, so it was always around."

And sweet little Paris Hilton said, "I like when guys wear a little eyeliner. Sometimes it's cute." Tee hee.

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