LOS ANGELES, CA Wednesday Nov.1.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Before 15 year-old Jibbs became a hip-hop sensation, he had another career in mind: a boxer.

His exposure to the sport began at the tender age of four, when his father brought him to the gym to watch his older siblings train.

Jibbs spoke of his boxing days during an interview with BET: "When we all turned 4, my dad put us in a gym so we could watch the older kids. I was watching them train and box until I was old enough to fight. When I turned 8, I was old enough to fight. That was also the year I started rapping. That's the same year I recorded my first song. I got off into music then and got serious. That's when I was trying to get my brother's attention to go ahead and record me."

You can catch the entire interview on www.BET.com

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