LOS ANGELES, CA Wednesday Nov.22.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Rapper Jim Jones has taken a lyrical swing at Jay-Z.

The action was in retaliation for a Jay-Z 'dis track' which blasted Jones. He responded by putting an extra verse in Jay-Z's "Brooklyn High" version of "Ballin'," creating a Jay/Jones remix of sorts.

Jones introduces the track with a hit at Hova, saying, "We had to double up and do one for the old people. What you got for me old head?"

"You say 20 is the new 30/ but you 40, I'm 30/ so who's 20?"

"Mami always told me to aim for the stars/ and now I'm beefing and I'm aiming at stars/ I pack heat like it came with the car, you catch em in the streets Imma lay him like a broad/ Told Juan tell your old ass to chill/ Better slow down before your old ass get killed."

Juelz Santana, who joined Jim on the track, also had something to get off his chest. He says on the song, "F***ing old timers/ gotta slow the music up for them... Money ain't a thing. I'll buy your building/ you'll be my tenant."

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