LOS ANGELES, CA Tuesday Dec.12.2006 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Bow Wow's new album "The Price of Fame" couldn't be more aptly titled.

It's been reported that a recent Bow Wow interview with Ozone magazine is actually a fake. The phony interview gossiped about Ciara having a bladder problem, blasted Jermaine Dupri, and called Bow Wow's new album "Pooper Scooper."

A statement made by Bow Wow's publicist said, "Contrary to rampant rumors appearing on the internet, a purported interview between Bow Wow and Ozone magazine never happened. The alleged interview is a fantasy created by persons unknown. Neither Bow Wow nor Ozone magazine had anything to do with generating the fake interview. One can only assume the alleged interview is either a misguided attempt at humor or a horrible prank."

Bow Wow took it all in stride, saying, "When you gain success and are doing something positive, there's always someone out there that wants to see you fail. I wonder what they'll come up with next? My fans know that I would never say anything like what's in that interview."

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