NASHVILLE, TN Monday Jan.15.2007 / -- Lee Ann Womack had an eventful Christmas in East Texas, as one of her presents to her parents wound up being the talk of the town. From Lee Ann's diary: " We gave Gertie and Pa (my parents as they're called by their grandchildren) the the cutest little golf cart to tool around on their property with. I kept it hidden until Christmas morning and the four of us rode it around front of their house, parked it out front, and Anna ran through the front door yelling ''HAPPY CHRISTMAS'' Then she ran back outside, Gertie in tow, and started out on a little spin around the house, which culminated in her slamming into the bay window and breaking something called the tire bar which runs between the two front tires and apparently makes the whole thing operate because with it broken the way it was, it was rendered totally useless until it could be repaired when the shop opened up THREE DAYS LATER. That golf cart sat in Gertie's flower bed that whole time with that big red bow on top and was the talk of the town to boot." In other Lee Ann news, she spent the weekend in Steamboat Springs, CO so stay tuned for an update on her adventures on the slopes!

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