LOS ANGELES, CA Wednesday Jan.31.2007 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Smokey Robinson has slammed the stars of "Dreamgirls" including Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy for putting a blemish on the history of Motown.

The legendary performer appeared on NPR's Morning Edition, and spoke his mind about the way the cast portrayed real-life characters like Berry Gordy, founder of Motown.

He said, "Nobody was paying us. So he (Gordy) borrowed $800 from his family's fund and started Motown so that we could be paid. And for him to be maligned and made out like this villainous character is very, very, very offensive to me."

Robinson criticized the cast further by saying, "Motown is Beyonce's heritage. Motown is Jamie Foxx's heritage. Motown is Eddie Murphy's heritage. You know what I mean? They're black people. They're young black people. America should be proud of Motown because Motown made a statement all over the world that America could be proud of."

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