NASHVILLE, TN Thursday Mar.22.2007 / -- Jason Michael Carroll tells us that a Brad Paisley-penned tune helped launch his music career by winning a karaoke contest on the radio.

"This local pop station back in Raleigh, North Carolina was doing a karaoke contest on the radio. I had to audition over the phone line and I did and got the spot to come in on a Thursday," Jason explains.

"And I thought 'God I've got to tell my dad in case he heard it from someone else 'cause he woulda just killed me.' So, I had to call him and tell him and he said, 'Yea, I can go do it.' I wound up singing David Kersh's "Another You"(#3 '97) that was written by Brad Paisley. I sang the song, won first place and this band in Durham, N. C. called up and said, 'Hey, our lead singer just moved to Virginia, are you interested?' So, that was my very first gig, all by chance, this was in '97 almost ten years ago. I've been singing ever since, trying to maintain a full time job, full time family and a full time career."

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