LOS ANGELES, CA Monday Mar.26.2007 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Wired magazine that there's an experimental radio format currently in development called Radio SASS (Short Attention Span System), where your favorite tunes are chopped down to roughly two minutes.

Dallas DJ George Gimarc is the founder of the company, which uses "intuitive editing" to whittle down the tracks. He says, "People's patience for music - even the stuff they like - is thin."

Andrew Whiteman, Broken Social Scene's lead guitarist says, "It's heinous. Music is not meant to be hook after hook."

But Gimarc says most people don't even notice the change. Hear the difference for yourself. Log on to www.wired/com/extras to check out pared-down versions of hits by The Clash, Avril Lavigne, Santana and more and compare Radio SASS's versions to the orginals.

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