LOS ANGELES, CA Monday May.21.2007 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Robin Thicke stirred up a little controversy during a recent press conference held in honor of the BET Awards nominees.

According to SOHH.com, the R&B star was asked about the meaning of the track "Cocaine" off his hit album, "The Evolution of Robin Thicke."

He explained, "'Cocaine' is about a feeling, it's about a time, a scene, about the appeal of when people you think are cool are doing something. It's about what you think is cool and do you want to feel left out of something, do you want to be the only one that's not doing it, peer pressure situations."

"When I wrote that song... I had some old friends that were doing it, I had made some new friends that were doing it, and I was traveling from New York to L.A., and it seemed like it was everywhere and I felt like nobody was talking about it. Everyone was acting like it's done and it doesn't exist and yet it was in every bathroom at every party, it was all over the place. And how cool is that? I believe in drugs as a form of celebration."

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