LONDON, UK Wednesday Jun.20.2007 / -- reports that Metallica has been added to the Live Earth London lineup, joining the likes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Legend, Bloc Party, Madonna and the Foo Fighters.

An exclusive download of the performance will be available for purchase online, with proceeds going to Sierra Club, The Apollo Alliance, WWF and Rainforest Action Network.

In other Live Earth news, Al Gore has responded to Bob Geldof's criticism that the event is pointless, reports Geldof recently asked, "Why is (Gore) actually organising them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody's known about that problem for years. We are all f**king conscious of global warming."

Gore said, "We will have very specific goals that will be very significant and hard-hitting. We will announce those before the concert then emphasize them heavily during the concert." Gore insists that the event will be "a wake-up call for the world."

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