NASHVILLE, TN Thursday Jun.21.2007 / -- When Bon Jovi picked up on the music of acts like Sugarland, Big&Rich, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney, artists and musicians he likes to listen to, he defined his new Lost Highway album as influenced by Nashville.

It was that list of artists and what Nashville represents that helped him decide to record there.

"We set out to come down there after the success of "Who Says You Can't G Home" to make a new record, influeced by what is Nashville. And what I've known as Nashville, what I've celebrated about Nashville is the gift of the song...they call it Music city for a reason. Everyone you meet on the street is seemingly in the music business one way or another, in the publishing business, recording studio, artists, musicians, and, for me it's a kid in a candy store because I can converse in a language I'm very familiar with."

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