NASHVILLE, TN Tuesday Aug.21.2007 / -- When Garth Brooks was asked about the stars that have come along since him he was asked who he thought were the best of the crop?

Garth remarked that there are a lot of good new singers, and said that besides his peers like George Strait, Reba, Brooks & Dunn and Alan Jackson, he singled out KEITH URBAN as an important newer act with broad appeal.

³But, Keith seems to be a guy that older people like, younger people like, heıs easy to like, and I was lucky enough to have him play on a record of mine when we were label-mates at EMI, you know I think this business...I donıt think this business would anywhere as well off without Keith Urbanıs input being on other peopleıs records or his own. He just has a, he just sang on Trishaıs record and, Iım a pretty jealous guy, you know, but they sound great together, you know. God they sound great together. So, youıre going to love this single with him and her on it, but I²ve got my own records to sell I donıt need to help her.²

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