NASHVILLE, TN Wednesday Aug.22.2007 / -- Jo Dee Messina visited with Blair Garner's After MidNite recently and explained why she entered the Chicago marathon?

"I've always been kind of a jock, because my dad was an athletic director and I grew up in a neighborhood filled with boys, so you had to know how to play baseball and Capture the Flag and kickball and football and everything else in order to hang with the guys, so I was athletic, but the running thing did come on later in life. And this specific marathon...I had a radio guy say to me, "If I do the Chicago Marathon, will you do it with me?" and I was like, "Absolutely!" So I registered, and the organizers found out that I was running, and did the press thing, and everybody knows I'm running...and I talked to the guy from the radio station, and I said, "How's your training coming?" and he goes, "Oh, I can't run. I tried to run a few weeks ago..." and I'm like, "I'm doing this thing on my own?!" so my steel player's joining me, my brother's joining me, and it's just gonna be a fun family event!

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