NASHVILLE, TN Tuesday Sep.11.2007 / -- Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn are gearing up for the release of their new 12 song album Cowboy Town (out 10/2)-the CD featuring the Top 5 hit, "Proud of the House We Built." The foundation of that house, of course, is always the duo's ability to pick great songs.

Kix says the selection process is pretty simple, basically they keep the good ones and thRow away anything with warts on it.

Kix: "You try and find a common denominator, when everybody's jumping up and down and going, 'Wow-that's a great song!' you put that one in the good pile. And when everybody kind of looks around at each other like they don't know what to say, you kind of think maybe that one might end up in the other pile (laughs)." Ronnie: "Yeah." Kix: "And hopefully, we've been doing this long enough that they're all good legitimate songs-it's just a matter of which ones kind of go together to make a project that people listen all the way through without a wart sticking out somewhere."

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