LOS ANGELES, CA Monday Sep.24.2007 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way has hit hard at the emo genre, labeling it "garbage."

The band's frontman recently aired his anti-emo thoughts during an interview posted on The Maine Campus website.

Way says, "I think emo's a pile of s**t. I think emo is f**king garbage - it's bulls**t.

"I think there are bands that we get lumped in with that are considered emo and, by default, that starts to make us emo. All I can say is that anyone actually listening to the records, putting the records next to each other and listening to them, [would know there are] actually no similarities."

He is happy, however to have the opportunity to open up for Bon Jovi. Way says of the upcoming gig, "It's a huge honour. I grew up as a Bon Jovi fan."

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