NASHVILLE, TN Tuesday Oct.2.2007 / -- Tim McGraw seems to be as good at picking movies to act in as he is at picking hit songs to sing.

Tim's latest appearance, as an emotional cameo as a distraught husband in the "The Kingdom" starring Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner, is another example. The Kingdom rolled out to theatres this weekend, and is battling for the #1 box office debut. It ended up taking second spot with revenues of $17 million dollars.

McGraw's two previous films both also debuted in the top 5, with 2006's "Flicka" debuting at #5 and doing almost 8 Million first weekend at the box office and 2004's "Friday Night Lights" at #2 with over 20 million in first weekend box office receipts.

In the Kingdom, McGraw plays a husband who has lost his wife in a terrorist attack at an oil compound in Saudi Arabia. He is reunited with "Friday Night Lights" director Peter Berg, who is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's top new directors. McGraw is steadily building his reputation in the Hollywood fuilm community as an actor of substance with box office appeal. McGraw told AOL online, "I play a husband whose wife is killed in a suicide bomber attack," McGraw explains. "I only had a couple scenes because I was working so hard, I had to fit it in. But it was pretty intense... I like heavier (parts). I can't see me doing a romantic comedy."

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