SEATTLE, WA. Monday Oct.22.2007 / -- As reported last week, Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie had a hard drive confiscated as it was being messengered across the border from Canada. Mike Milne, a representative for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, would like the world to know that the situation was blown completing out of proportion. AND the hard drive has been available for pick up for more than two weeks, and the appropriate parties were notified as such.

According to the government, they do not censor musical content crossing borders, and the entire situation could have been avoided if the messenger had entered the U.S. through a port used for commercial purposes. So it was all a matter of red tape and had nothing to do with what was on the hard drive, other than that it should have been claimed as a commercial product and valued as such.

Both sides have their own version of the situation, and now the makers of the album, Field Manual, due out in January, may not even send someone to get the drive. They've accomplished what they needed using the tapes and ftp files, and have now received more publicity than they could've ever expected for the new album...

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