BURBANK, CA Friday Jan.9.2004 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Even though the debut album from t.A.T.u. was Japan's best sellign foreign CD in addition to the third best-selling album of the year in the tiny country, the Nymphy Russian Teen Duo are having a difficult go in the land of the rising sun of late.

In one recent visit, they cancelled TV and showcase performances at the last minute and then recently, they played college festivals for audiences who did not embrace their style of music at all...

Plus, their show at the Tokyo Dome this past month sold so poorly that unsuspecting pedestrians were brought in for free by ushers and promoters told patrons that they were free to take photographs.

Yesterday, it was reported that they have been denied a filming permit in Tokyo's busy shopping district.

I don't care. I love that video.

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