NEW YORK, NY Friday May.21.2004 / -- Last weekend, Alicia Keys joined Norah Jones, Carlos Santana, Josh Groban and other performers to raise funds for children in war-torn countries. The "We are the Future" concert took place in Rome, and the show's proceeds go to children's centers in six war-scarred countries including Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Ethiopia. Quincy Jones organized the "We are the Future" concert.

BBC's Radio 1 reported that Alicia Keys pledged to give her support to the cause for life. She told Radio 1, "I got involved in 'We are the Future' because I think it is one of the most important projects and one of the most meaningful projects that I'll probably be involved in in my entire life."

The Grammy-winning artist also shared her thoughts on the war in Iraq: "This war that we're in the middle of right now--it's a devastation, it's a travesty, it's horrendous, it brings me to tears." Keys added, "Almost all the time I turn on the television and I'm about to cry, so something like this is so important because the people that get affected most are the kids and that's the reason why I'm on board for now and forever."

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