NEW YORK, NY Wednesday Jun.2.2004 / -- Although the "Talk Shows on Mute" video depicts a world where animals have taken over, Brandon Boyd wasn't thinking of George Orwell's classic "Animal Farm" when he wrote the song. The Incubus frontman was thinking more along the lines of Orwell's other classic novel, "1984."

Boyd told MTV, "The book scared me, but in a good way." He continued, "It scares you into vigilance. A lot of people don't get it. They're like, 'That's so passť, "1984." I mean, it's 2004.' But I think that right now, it has a poignancy that it otherwise wouldn't have because it definitely seems like Big Brother is watching closer than he ever has. And television culture is at an all-time high or low, depending how you look at it."

Guitarist Mike Einzinger added, "There are a lot of themes that run throughout that book that are very prominent in today's world." Said Einzinger, "It's actually kind of scary. War makers are the peacekeepers, for instance. It's scary, and it's the truth."

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