INDIANAPOLIS, IN Friday Jun.4.2004 / -- On June 1, Story of the Year (SOTY) ran the following headline on its official web site: "F--- Godsmack and their...f---ing crew." Them's fighting words, and that was the point. According to the message posted by guitarist Ryan Phillips, Godsmack's road crew jumped and beat up four members of SOTY and the band's tour manager shortly after SOTY finished its set at the WRZX radio festival show in Noblesville, Indiana. Only SOTY drummer Joshua Willis escaped the fray--he'd already gone into the dressing room to shower. Phillips even posted pictures of two of the bandmembers' bruised and bloodied faces with his account of the incident.

According to Phillips, Godsmack's "production manager, crew and security along with local security" attacked SOTY because they were mad that SOTY had asked everyone in the amphitheater's lawn area to come down to the front of the stage and rock out. Explained Phillips, "The show was sucking, so we had to make it rock," and he added, "We walked offstage excited because we turned a sh--ty show into a f---ing rock show."

But Phillips said Godsmack's crew wasn't happy about this and was waiting for them. The fray apparently started "within ten seconds" of SOTY finishing its last song. Phillips recounted, "Godsmack's ugly d----faced production manager had his hands all over [singer] Dan [Marsala], screaming at him, saying things like, 'Get the f--- out of here, you're not getting f---ing paid,'" and "'Who the f--- do you think you are, you're not f---ing rock stars.'" Marsala "replied to the guys face 'Yeaaaahhhhh Rock and Roll! Wahooooo!'"

At that point, SOTY's tour manager reportedly intervened and told Godsmack's production manager "not to touch band members." Phillips then wrote, "What happens next? Three cro-magnon jock f---s grab our tour manager and hold him still so one guy could pummel his face. Four of them jump on [bassist] Adam [Russell] and pummel his face. Dan, [guitarist] Phil [Sneed], and I got hit, but not half as bad as they did."

After the fight, Phillips said that police quarantined the four SOTY members and the tour manager "in a 300 degree room while all the f---s who started the fight walked around drinking beer and laughing about it." He added, "They totally started the fight, threw the first punches, and WE were...held in a room, then held in our bus...The icing on the cake: an inbred cop with a handlebar moustache tells us 'he's not putting up with our kind' and 'the whole thing's a joke and he can personally guarantee that nothing will happen to anyone that kicked our a--.'"

Although Phillips admitted that the members of Godsmack were not involved, he said SOTY was angry with Godsmack "because their d---face crew jumped us and not one member of that f---ing band bothered to come and apologize for it." Phillips added, "Sully (the singer) walked by our dressing room, looked at us, and gave us a dirty look. No 'Sorry my...crew jumped you.' No 'Sorry my band hires irresponsible f---ing criminals.' Nothing from any of them."

In a related story of the incident, MTV reported that Godsmack's management did not return phone calls and that the Clear Channel representative at the event had no comment. MTV also reported that there were no arrests from the incident, and the Noblesville Police Department had no record of anything having taken place.

Phillips' post about the fight has now been removed from the SOTY web site. Instead, the following message replaces it: "I took the Godsmack post down because we are going to ask them to go get some ice cream with us."

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