LONDON, UK Thursday Jul.1.2004 / -- In a recent BBC Radio 1 interview, Morrissey was asked about the public's reaction to his music. Said Moz, "It's been a surprise. Thank god it's here's big-headed but there's been so much crappy music about in recent years, and with the dreadful slob idol thing, hopefully people, please god, want music and songs."

Morrissey also explained his absence from the music scene for seven years. "It was difficult to find a label that had nice people in it," said the "Irish Heart, English Blood" singer. "I found lots of labels with strange people but didn't want to be a part of it. The hunt for the label -- that was the thing that kept me busy at night times."

As for being a Los Angeles transplant, Morrissey told Radio 1, "It's [LA's] a very attractive place. Honestly, I didn't mean to move there, it was just somewhere I found myself living. I knew I wanted to go somewhere away, and I just ended up in Los Angeles...I do surf fantastically well, that's absolutely true!"

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