DETROIT, MI Wednesday Jul.7.2004 / -- It's a good thing Nickelback played Michigan yesterday (July 6) instead of this Saturday, when Saliva gets into town.

Saliva frontman Josey Scott recently sounded off to MTV about Kroeger and Nickelback's manager. Scott complained bitterly about being paid only $5,000 to sing and appear in the video for the hit single "Hero" from 2002's "Spider-Man" soundtrack. Scott says that, in a handshake deal, he was promised $80,000 -- $40,000 for his studio time and $40,000 for the video, in which he appears with Kroeger.

The Saliva singer told MTV, "They [screwed] me on that song. I want the whole world to know it. They made millions off that song and threw me $5,000? That was foul, that was wrong, and that's bullsh--.... I can't even pay for my flights and my hotels with $5,000."

Scott said he didn't feel it was necessary to have a written contract because Saliva and Nickelback shared a manager at the time. However, Scott won't be calling in a lawyer. Scott explained to MTV, "We don't work like that in Memphis. You renege on a contract, you don't see subpoenas and lawyers getting in on it. You see my a-- getting on the plane with a baseball bat and going to see who's got my money."

In an interview with "The Flint Journal," Nickelback's Kroeger said he agreed to work with the Saliva singer as a favor to his manager and the head of Island Def Jam. He also suggested that Scott is creating controversy to help promote the new Saliva album coming out August 17. Kroeger told the paper, "If I had a record coming out in a week and I was trying to drum up a little press, I'd say the same thing."

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