BERKELEY, CA Monday Oct.4.2004 / -- Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz wants online posters to cut the negative chatter about pop singer Mandy Moore.

Duritz, who collaborated with the pop singer for her next album, noticed some negative online postings about himself and Moore. So the Counting Crows frontman decided to take a stand against the online critics, who haven't even heard the new record yet (Moore's album won't be released until sometime next year).

On his blog, Duritz writes that no one could or should judge him or Moore's upcoming record because, as he points out, "You haven't heard it."

About Moore he adds, "This is a girl who made a few records she had little to do with when she was a kid ... the only record she made that she had any control over was the Coverage album and that's actually pretty good. She's growing up ... she wants to write songs and really make some music she can believe in. But all of this is up in the air until she produces her next record. Then you can have an opinion. Until then, let me respectfully request that you shut your f---ing pie holes."

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