LOS ANGELES, CA Thursday Oct.28.2004 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Five for Fighting has just released a limited edition, expanded version of its album, "The Battle for Everything." Along with the full album, the new version features a bonus disc that includes two unreleased songs, a recording of "Silent Night," new versions of "Superman" and "Something About You" and four Five-For-Fighting videos.

For fans just interested in the new material, Five For Fighting plans to release a physical five-song EP as well as a digital download soon, although no release date has yet been set.

Track Listings

Disc: 1
01. NYC Weather Report
02. The Devil in the Wishing Well
03. If God Made You
04. 100 Years
05. Angels & Girlfriends
06. Dying
07. Infidel
08. Disneyland
09. Maybe I
10. The Taste
11. One More For Love
12. Nobody

Disc: 2
01. Silent Night
02. Superman (It's Not Easy) - Acoustic Version
03. Something About You - Remix
04. Sister Sunshine
05. 2+2 Makes Five

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