NEW YORK, NY Monday Nov.1.2004 / -- The Best of Both Worlds broke down Friday night when R. Kelly left the stage at New York's Madison Square Garden. MTV reported that just before his second solo set, Kelly came out and said that he wouldn't continue performing because "two people were waving guns at me." Kelly told the crowd, "I can't do no show like over," before walking off.

Jay-Z was left on the spot to improvise the rest of the concert, and he managed to pull together a last-minute show with guest performances from Mary J. Blige, Usher, Ja Rule and T. I. Jay-Z later told the New York Times, "I'm happy things worked out. It could have ended a number of ways. There could have been a riot. People might have been scared and started trampling each other when he said that stuff about a gun. That was really like screaming fire in a movie theater."

Kelly admitted to a local radio station on Saturday that he panicked because he'd received death threats. The R&B singer claimed that he later tried to go back on stage but that someone from Jay-Z's entourage stopped him with pepper-spray. Kelly said he had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

Kelly said in a statement that he still hoped to continue the tour, although Jay-Z dismissed this. Jay-Z said, "Can you perform with someone who might leave you onstage at any given moment?"

On the tour's St. Louis stop, Kelly also left the stage, blaming lighting problems. Several other tour dates were also canceled. Jay-Z told MTV, "He just keeps leaving us out there. Everyone's sick of it."

At this time, it is unknown if Jay-Z will complete the tour on his own or if the tour will be canceled. But it looks like if the show goes on, R. Kelly won't be part of it. The tour promoter is expected to issue a statement Tuesday.

For fans who had hoped to see R. Kelly, refunds will be offered at the point of purchase.

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