LOS ANGELES, CA Monday Nov.8.2004 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Cake frontman John McCrea enjoys making music, and Cake has a new album out called "Pressure Chief." But McCrea says touring isn't the rock 'n' roll fantasy many people think it is.

In an interview with MTV, McCrea said, "Long live your fantasies about being in a touring rock band, but it's actually really rootless and depressing. Saying goodbye to friends and family for two years at a time has created a lot of chain-smoking, alcoholism and heroin addiction in musicians."

When MTV asked about the contrast between Cake's cheerful melodies and darker lyrics, McCrea replied, "I like to have sadness sitting on the same couch as humor. A lot of my favorite books and movies have elements of opposing emotional extremes housed within the same narrative. And that's not irony or sarcasm. It's more about hopelessness."

McCrea adds, "When you're a creative person and you have to play the same song over and over every night and live on a bus and eat truck-stop food, that's not a very creatively fulfilling lifestyle."

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