ATLANTA, GA Tuesday Dec.21.2004 / -- After more than 10 years of making music, Collective Soul feels like a young indie band again.

The group took a four-year-break after releasing "Blender" in 2000 and, during that time, Collective Soul also split with its record company. Now, the band is back with "Youth" Collective Soul's first album on its own label, El Music Group.

"I think it's by far the best we've done," singer Ed Roland tells "It went back more to songwriting than riff writing. There's less riff rock and that was a conscious effort, I wanted to grow. I just didn't want people to say, 'Oh here comes Collective Soul. What guitar riff are we going to hear now?' We still have a few on there, but I wanted the songs to be the focus..."

As for calling the album "Youth," Roland explains, "We feel youthful. I think the music shows it too. Musically it's youthful and lyrically it's youthful. When you start a band, you get into it to have fun. Somewhere we lost that, so when we went at this process again it was like we were just getting into it again, because it was fun."

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