NASHVILLE, TN Wednesday Dec.29.2004 / -- Most people now know that Jimmy Wayne grew up in a very disfunctional family with a father that abandoned him, and a mother that spent time in prison. But, it didn't help when they tried puppet therapy on him when he was too old for that method.

"I remember one time it was so funny - I was in a doctor's office and he had a puppet on his hand. And he said, 'Put that puppet on your hand.' And I put it on my hand -- and I was like 14 -- and I'm sitting here thinking man, this is so stupid, what is this guy doing?"

"So he started talking to me with this puppet's mouth moving and, I was like 'man, you're treating me like I'm stupid, not I need some help. And it was so awful and...they had me playing with a doll house one time and 'I said Dude, that's totally not my bag right there, you know. But he wanted me to imitate my family, like he wanted --'What would your family do on a normal day? Show me.' So... I showed me whipping my stepdad's rear end for hitting my mom...I was picking on the doctor. I knew what I was doing, I was picking on him. He was like 'Oh, we're going to send you to the 10th floor, the medication...'"

Jimmy says the thing that actually did help was being placed in a great foster home.

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