LOS ANGELES, CA Thursday Feb.17.2005 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- If you're wondering how The Exies got their name, we can help. Vocalist Scott Stevens says he found the name while reading a biography on John Lennon. The book describes how, in the 1960s, the Beatles toured Hamburg, Germany. While touring that area, the Fab Four observed three different social cliques among the German kids. Those cliques were the mods, the rockers and the art students who named themselves "the existentialists." Lennon came up with the term "The Exies" to refer to the existentialist art students.

According to The Exies' official Web site, Scott Stevens felt "The Exies" was a great name for a band and, when none of his band mates could think of a better one, they went with the name.

The Exies' latest album, "Head For The Door," is available now.

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