NASHVILLE, TN Friday Mar.4.2005 / -- Katrina Elam is set to be marry an unnamed, former RCA intern (prefers to keep his name private) in August, and she says the wedding will include the bride and groom, their family and friends, and a flock of butterflies.

Elam says the wedding will take place back home in Oklahoma and, instead of ceremonial rose petals, the wedding will close in a flurry of real butterflies.

"I just found out that we're going to release butterflies," she says. "Our church won't let me throw rose petals because they're afraid someone will slip on the rose petals. We're going to have a mix of Monarchs and Painted Ladies. They come each in a little envelope and everybody in the church gets an envelope and when the ceremony is over they all release their butterflies," Katrina explains.

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