NASHVILLE, TN Friday Mar.18.2005 / -- Billy Dean says that he has the same emotional reaction to "Let Them Be Little" that a lot of his fans do, including the time he sang the song to his daughter on stage and began to cry.

"I have to do 'Let Them Be Little' last in my set because it's tough to recover if I lose it," Billy tells us. "On the Christmas tour with Kenny Rogers this past December, my little girl, Hanna, was on that tour and she set down and looked me on stage and I had to sing that song looking into her eyes while a video clip rolled of her growing up. And I made the mistake of turning around one night and started looking at the video and I lost it and couldn't hardly recover. And, what Hanna did was she tried to save me, and she put her arms around me trying to help me through it and I was trying to sing while she was squeezing the air out of me." Billy says the only way he regained his composure was by looking off stage of the outdoor show and concentrating on a Jiffy Lube sign.

"But, that's why the song is at the end of my show now, just in case I lose it," Dean says.

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