ATLANTA, GA Wednesday Apr.6.2005 / -- There are lots of new artists out there these days, but Nivea feels her sound is different and helps her stand out. In an interview with, the singer talked about her forthcoming album "Complicated" and explained how she differs from artists such as Ciara or Keyshia Cole.

Says Nivea, "My sound is different! I've got real R&B on my album. I do a lot more singing on my record. It's more adult." The "Okay" singer explains, "I have a realistic approach to life and that comes across in my singing. The people who enjoy my music know me for songs they can relate to, whether it was coming from me personally or not."

Nivea also feels her upcoming release, "Complicated," is unique. Says Nivea, "With 'Complicated,' it's unique because I am speaking for women with different personalities. I'm expressing how a woman would deal with certain situations in her own way...what one might stand for another person might not. Even though I have some personal songs on the album, like "Complicated," it's not Nivea's personal diary.

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