ANAHEIM, CA Thursday Apr.14.2005 / -- March 23, 2005 was a bad day for Unwritten Law. Singer Scott Russo and longtime guitarist Rob Brewer had a fight onstage at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California that resulted injuries -- including a lost a tooth for Russo and a severed pinkie for Brewer -- and Brewer being fired from the band.

Earlier this week, Russo told, "Long story short? [Rob] sucks. He hit me, and then we fired him." Russo also said Brewer had been sacked for mistreating fans and because he had failed to master songs from the band's new album "Here's to the Mourning."

According to reports, Brewer and Russo began fighting onstage during the Anaheim show. "He knocked one of my teeth out," Russo said. Both walked offstage, but Russo returned to finish the set without Brewer.

After the show, Russo told MTV he went backstage to talk to the guitarist. But Brewer charged him with a bottle of vodka and tried to hit him over the head. As Brewer ran through the open doorway, the bottle smashed against the top of the door jamb and cut half of Brewer's right pinkie off, necessitating surgery.

Besides the inter-band fighting, Russo said Brewer's erratic behavior extended to fans and that during the Anaheim show, Brewer shoved a fan who'd come backstage to meet Unwritten Law.

Russo explained the band's decision to fire Brewer. "[The outbursts] had become a once-a-month problem with him. We decided it was in our best interest to make sure this would never happen again. We wanted to get rid of him before the band started deteriorating, basically." He added, "It wasn't a question for us of whether he was capable of doing this again - attacking one of us, attacking a fan. It was really a question of when he would. Trust me: We didn't want to do this."

In the meantime, Unwritten Law will continue its current tour with Sum 41 as a four-piece. The band has no immediate plans to replace Brewer.

Brewer could not be reached for comment.

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