NASHVILLE, TN Wednesday Jun.8.2005 / -- At Saturday's FedEx Field stadium show in Washington, D.C., Kenny Chesney brought Van Halen's sometime frontman and rocker in his own right, Sammy Hagar, out of the wings for a three song romp of "Rock Candy," "Where Eagles Fly" and "Finish What You Started," bringing the 45,761 country fans on their feet and screaming for close to two hours.

"You have no idea until you're waist-deep into it what it takes to put one of these on," says Chesney of the 5-day preparations for FedEx Field. "And you also can't imagine what it feels like when that scrim drops, the curtain falls away -- and there's that sea of people, who're cheering and the light bulbs are flashing. It's just this surge of energy and excitement. It's like plugging straight into 40,000 volts. Like I always seem to be saying: we throw it at 'em pretty hard every night, and every night, they throw it back at us even harder."

"It was a helluva night," the man who's revel anthem "Keg In The Closet" is currently scorching the charts. "I can't wait to do it again - and again."

Somewhere In The Sun Stadium Sized rises again July 23 at Foxboro Stadium outside Boston -- and hits its stride again July 30 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, where Chesney's ABC special will be filmed.

In the meantime, folks can settle for the regular arena shows, as well as his upcoming "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" appearance on NBC June 23.

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