HOLLYWOOD, CA Tuesday Jun.21.2005 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Howie Day is among the artists contributing songs to the new movie, "The Perfect Man."

Day's hit single "Collide" leads off the soundtrack for the romantic comedy, which stars Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth. Other artists appearing on "The Perfect Man" soundtrack include Kimberley Locke, Kaci, Plumb, Beth Thornley and Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung.

"The Perfect Man" is now playing in theatres, and the soundtrack is available at retail.

Here is the track listing for "The Perfect Man."

01. "Collide" - Howie Day
02. "I Will Learn To Love Again" - Kaci
03. "Better Than This" - Kimberley Locke
04. "Real Life Fairytale" - Plumb
05. "Let It Go" - Jadon Lavik
06. "The Real Thing" - Sara Overall
07. "If You Got What You Came For" - Beth Thornley
08. "Make Room" - Grits
09. "Mr. Roboto" (Live) - Dennis DeYoung
10. "Lady" (Live) - Dennis DeYoung
11. "Babe" (Live) - Dennis DeYoung
12. "Best Of Times" (Live) - Dennis DeYoung

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