LOS ANGELES, CA Thursday Jun.30.2005 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- Diana Anaid is back to take America by storm.

Americans got their first taste of the Australian singer-songwriter last year, when her hit single "Last Thing" broke through the airwaves and connected big time with listeners.

"Last Thing" -- off Diana's first US album "Beautiful Obscene" -- became the most downloaded free iTunes Single of the Week EVER, and Diana won Launch Radio's 'Who's Next' poll, with over 40,000 votes.

Following the success of "Last Thing," Diana has just released a new US single called "Dumb Opinion." The guitar-driven track is making its way to radio stations around the country, so be sure to listen for it.

Diana's "Beautiful Obscene" was rated the 19th Best Indie Folk/Pop CD of 2004 by MSN and, right now, you can check out a free stream of the album, courtesy of RollingStone.com.

To hear "Beautiful Obscene," visit RollingStone.com.

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