NASHVILLE, TN Tuesday Jan.3.2006 / -- Former soldier and staunch supporter of the war in Iraq, Craig Morgan, and anti-war radio talk show host/comedian, Al Franken, ended up on tour together in December playing for America's fighting men and women in Iraq.

And according to the Tennessean, the two differed greatly on their opinions about the war and the current administration. But when it came to what their mission was in Iraq, they both had the same noble objective, simply to support and entertain our soldiers.

Craig said he decided to ask Al about some of his opinions.
Al fired back quickly: "I don't talk politics on these trips."

"I told him, 'You're gonna have to if you want to talk to me. I wanna know why these guys hate you so bad,'" Craig said.

The two exchanged views but didn't change their opinions. But, when Craig saw Franken's show for the soldiers, he realized they both shared the chief reason they were in a war zone, to lighten the load of your armed forces.

Craig saw Al go on stage in front of the troops and make them howl with comedy skits and goofy songs - and not a word about politics.

"He has a passion for the soldiers unlike anyone I've ever seen. He made sacrifices for those soldiers and he loves them and supports them. He puts aside his politics for the trip."

Craig says he's going to go on Al's nationally syndicated radio show to argue with him - as soon as Craig's done reading one or two of Al's books.

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