NASHVILLE, TN Friday Feb.24.2006 / -- Unlike some newcomer country singers that are hungry to succeed because they're literally poor and hungry, singer songwriter Scotty Emerick is only hungry to take his place as a singer.

That's because the songwriting part is paying off for him like a slot machine thanks to has amazing collaboration with writing buddy, Toby Keith. Get this, Scotty tells Nashville IQ, "Toby and I have co-written 100 songs. And, 41 of them have been cut by Toby," Scotty figures.

In fact, one of those 100 songs is now Scotty's first single for Show Dog records.

Scotty tells us, "The song is called 'What's Up With That?' and it comes out March 6th. It's a thing that Toby and I wrote a while ago about a guy that gets stood up. We had this kind of George Strait '80s melody going, and we decided, with the title 'What's Up With That,' we'd make it fun little song about a guy getting stood up after falling in love with a girl the night before. It starts on a timeline at 8 o'clock and runs all night long. It's a good little song that we've always enjoyed setting down and playing."

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